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Rules of TeamLlama

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Rules of TeamLlama Empty Rules of TeamLlama

Post  MrLlama on Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:51 pm

These are rules of TeamLlama. Please follow them the best you can. I can/will kick you if needed. Any questions or comments about the rules please contact me. These rules may change over time. Biggest rule of all is have fun and don't be a camel.

We are an RPK faction. You can PK freely. Do not PK faction members if your intentions are not friendly. Keep PvP trash talk out of world chat.

Spam.Faction Chat: This faction is a humor-based faction so in some case spam will be used but there is a point of annoying. So please if you spam try not to annoy. None of this garbage - CAPS! and Random crap like hjdghjdgjhdhgfh.
Forums: Do not spam the forums please.... just don't.

Do not ask for a rank. Marshal are picked by me. Executors will be voted on by the faction. Executors jobs are recruiting and basic help. Marshal jobs are normally going to be out of faction like forums and vent. At this time there is no pay for rank. If I feel like your not doing your job I will demote you.

TeamLlama is democracy. We will vote and decide as a faction rather then one person calling the shots. Everyone's vote counts the same. My vote does not count more then yours. We shall most vote on forums. We shall vote on things like TW, Officers, KOS, and Allies

When recruiting in world chat don't trash talk other factions. Try to keep your world chats humor-based. At the moment we are a 60+ faction.

At the moment alts are welcome. When we start to fill alts will be asked to leave.

You can send donation of any kind to me or director. Donations are not required but much appreciated. You can donate skill books, herbs, perfect stones, uncannies and raptures, money, pretty much anything would help. At the moment we are working on a faction base. there is a list of what we need for base in the post named "TeamLlama Faction Base".

Inactives will be kicked. The term inactive means not leveling, not talking, not helping faction, not doing shit but take up space. If the inactive becomes active again please tell me. If you plan on going inactive for a short amount of time tell me and I will title you.

Merit is a must once base is up. The quest takes nothing but 15 mins. If your Merit don't move in a week then you will be kicked.

Rules of TeamLlama Jfyqo8

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